Our Process

We have a protocol in place to deliver a finished digital product/ service without missing a thing.

Our pursuit for perfection:

We initiate by having a detailed call with the client via the acceptable medium and then follow the following protocol:

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Requirement analysis & proposal

We gather the requirements first and conduct research around your needs. We try to align your business goals with your tech goals and check how well they go along. Based on that, we prepare a winning proposal that sounds fair to both the parties. Once we receive a green signal from your end, we sign an agreement with you and we are ready to work together.


Based on initial research, we prepare the necessary wireframes so as to sketch the idea on paper and define every aspect of the project clearly.



Once the design is finalized the project is escalated to the development phase. In this phase, we apply the best of our skills to generate fresh pieces of solutions for your organization.

QA & testing

QA & testing

‘Zero bugs’ is our policy. We do iterative testing to sweep all the bugs from your digital product.

Release & support

This is the final phase of the product life cycle. We launch the final product and assure you that we will provide continued support for any issues that you may face in future.