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Shanti InfoTech uses highly skilled technical resources and mixes it up with the team of technical professionals to give you expertise and skills that exactly meets your unique need. Contact us!

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We have assembled a team of dynamic professionals, who bring their unique strength and talents to make Shanti InfoTech a premier provider of IT professional services.


MISSION Shanti InfoTech has a mission to build a company that is reliable, secure, and manageable with a flexible IT infrastructure that gives a perfect foundation for our clients to meet their business objectives.

VISION Our key focus has always been on client satisfaction and we ensure that we architect a design strategy as per the business needs of the customer and justify the investment.

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Shanti InfoTech has enabled us to think out of box. Getting into technical consultation to troubleshooting seems very easy with these guys as they are always there to help you and the level of feedback you get from the team is simply amazing!

Alvin Tay,Australia

very happy with the outcome - extremely attentive to details, patient (given my perfectionist tendencies), outcome-driven, and most importantly, responsive and a pleasure to work with. The freelancer has a fully fledged team with high level of technical capacities and ability to deliver products in a timely manner, as well as provide sound advice both in a technical and business sense.

Scott Miller,USA

Always went well above and beyond expectations! Professional, expert, open and always does an excellent job! I will go to this team first with any projects that I have! The system they built for me was incredibly complicated with multiple interconnected systems and "moving parts". They pulled it all off absolutely seamlessly. This team is, in my opinion the best available! Excellent work as always

Brain Cook,Australia

Very creative, very good to work with. I have been extremely happy with everything, above my expectations. I will definitely use them again for my next project!

Hossein Jalali,Saudi Arabia

Quality services provided. We started this project with only an idea and this team helped us put together a flow diagram and SRS and the entire product that we are happy with. Great job, would hire again for development. This project will be a foundation for further collaborations. Highly recommended.


The team at Shanti Infotech were great, and worked well with me to get my website finished. They were very patient, and their design quality is great. Spoke to them a quite of times over the phone, and their English is very high level - couldn't fault them.

Matthew Strach,Papua New Guinea

Shanti Infotech were very professional in delivering my website. Even though I was slow in getting information across to them within the planned schedule they followed up diligently and waited on me to get back to them. I will most certainly hire them again for showing a level of maturity in quality customer service and in making sure the client got what he asked for.

Dan Binyamin,Chile

The company did a great job. They are very communicative, always available to messages and conversations. They are very professional with a great know how. I will hire them again.


We have a history of delivering the best and a strategy that reflects flourishing work to the client’s expectation. Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are the key areas we focus upon as per the requirements of our clients.

Shanti InfoTech uses highly skilled technical resources and mixes it up with the team of technical professionals to give you expertise and skills that exactly meets your unique need.