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Easy And Well Defined Process To Make Your Project Completion A Breeze!

At Shanti InfoTech, we make sure that every process that is involved
from the start, until the completion of the project is well defined to give
you best Software / App / Website Development.


For any project to have a defined development process, one needs to have a detailed planning for the same. We start by investing crucial man hours into discussing the ideas and inputs provided by the client and calculate the strengths and weaknesses of the project, to positively determine the effects of its progress. Once we are convinced, we pick the best planning & give it a go for the design and development phase.

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After planning, the most crucial part of the project is its design phase. Design and architecture of the project is the initial stage, where some of the major decisions are taken for the development phase and hence, we make sure that we have deployed our best team of designers to do the work for you. With us, you can always be sure to get the best architectural design for your project that is going to look as good as new for years to come!

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Once the designs are finalized, the development stage begins, where our team of highly experienced developers start to write the codes for modules. At Shanti InfoTech, we always make sure that we are using the latest technology and futuristic platform for the entire development process, in order to keep the project open for future functionalities.

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After the project is completed, it goes through an extensive testing period where our programmers, developers, and testing team meticulously look for any bug that might hamper the performance in the longer run. We give a lot of importance to the quality of the project and we make sure that our Apps and Software are Error proof and they are thoroughly checked at the micro and macro level.

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Once the testing phase at manual, automated, and specific module is complete, we get the final call of approval from our QA team. The Software or the App is then deployed for the use for the customers.ve helped several business owners top the market they targeted at!

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Maintenance and Support

Once the Software or the App is deployed for the customers, we always make sure that our team is taking care of the project and is monitoring and maintaining it on a regular basis, so it runs without errors in the long run. If the project faces any technical glitch, our team is always there for its functional improvement. Our team also keeps a close track of the customer satisfaction analysis and we perform Stabilizing activities to enhance the overall performance of the project.

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